National Cyber Security Awareness Month Support Package


National Cyber Security Awareness Month is one of the most successful initiatives for promoting Security Awareness. For those organizations that have not already put a program in place to take advantage of this opportunity, Secure Mentem created a Security Awareness Month program that provides a turnkey process.


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Sample Tip

The key deliverables for our NCSAM Support Program are:

  • A telephone consultation reviewing your current program and needs
  • Awareness event planning guides
  • 23 Security awareness tips that can be e-mailed or posted on existing internal communication channels
  • 4 branded security awareness posters
  • 4 short security awareness videos
  • Corresponding branded awareness articles and content

Topics available for the National Cyber Security Awareness Month Support Package:

  • Phishing
  • Physical Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Mobile Devices
  • Password Security

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