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Who We Are

Secure Mentem is a company dedicated to the human aspects of security. Our team has decades of experience in developing and implementing impactful security awareness programs and services for many of the largest multinational companies in the world.

We create comprehensive and custom security awareness program within months, while it typically takes more than a year for most organizations to implement their own programs. We deliver programs that are more effective and less expensive than organizations can create on their own. Secure Mentem considers security awareness a science, and constantly uses empirical research and security awareness methodologies that power the metrics we use today which are built into everything we do.

All of Secure Mentem programs and services are holistic in nature, based in behavioral science and customized for your needs.

Latest News

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Why Secure Mentem

Focus on Changing Employee Security Behaviors
One-off, check the box point solutions do little to change employee behaviors or work long term to protect your information assets. Secure Mentem’s approach is entirely focused on changing and measuring employee security behaviors and developing targeted, long-term security awareness solutions.

Experts in Security Awareness
Secure Mentem’s team has unparalleled expertise in security awareness. We leverage decades of experience in security awareness, cyber security, human intelligence, social engineering, and espionage simulations, to create our security awareness programs. Additionally, we have widespread experience working with global organizations in every region of the world.

Empirical Research & Methodologies
Our approach to security awareness is based on groundbreaking, proprietary research of Fortune 500 security awareness programs. Our empirical research and methodologies identify and isolate security awareness critical success factors and best practices which are embedded into each of our customized awareness programs.

SC Award LogoSecure Mentem was named a Winner for the 2014 Rookie Security Company of the Year.